Living Eggs Week 1

Living Eggs Week 1

On Monday afternoon we had a very special delivery at nursery! A farmer brought us 10 eggs for us to look after. He placed them in a special glass box called an incubator, its very important that they stay in here until the hatch because they need to stay warm just like they would when a hen sits on them to keep them warm.


On Tuesday we spent the day learning lots of new words like Brooder, hatching and piping and we were looking at the embryo pictures so that we could see what was happening inside our eggs. We talked about what was going to happen to the chick when it hatched and what it might look like.Today none of our eggs hatched but we did learn lots of new things. Today we also predicted how many boys we were going to have and how many girls we were going to have, we wrote our predictions down and put them onto a large piece of paper.


On Wednesday morning when we arrived at nursery one chick had hatched during the night and another one was hatching as we were singing our ‘Hello song’. Later in the morning he had made his way out of his shell and was drying in the Incubator along with his brother that was already drying and becoming nice and fluffy.

Today we got the brooder ready to put the chicks in when they were ready, we had to put newspaper into the bottom of the brooder and then we placed their bedding on the top. We also put some nice clean water into their water and a small handful of food into their bowl.

After lunch both chicks were ready to come out of the incubator and were placed into the brooder. As the chicks were so tiny and delicate the teachers did this for us but they were very gentle. We really enjoyed having a closer look at the chicks in the brooder and watching them eat and drink for the first time.


On Thursday six more chicks had hatched throughout the night and were dry enough to go into the brooder, so in total now we had 3 girls and 6 boys. One egg is still in the incubator and we are hoping that it will hatch throughout the day.

Today we were able to touch the chicks using our gentle fingers, some of us were really brave and even wanted the chicks to sit on our laps! We spent lots of time today looking at the empty shells and looking at the life cycle of the chick, we also looked at our predictions to see who had guessed correctly about the number of chicks that were boys and girls.



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