We have completed an extensive risk assessment and made changes to our rooms, timetables and procedures to ensure that nursery is as safe as we can make it for children, parents and staff. We ask for your help in following our new rules and systems to enable everything to run smoothly when you return to nursery.

The school will do its best to:

  • Provide an environment which has been risk assessed in response to the COVID-19 infection;
  • Regularly clean all surfaces, toilets, touch points (e.g. door handles) and toys;
  • Teach your child good hand washing techniques and ensure that they are supervised whilst regularly washing their hands
  • Teach children to cough into a tissue or their elbow – the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ technique
  • Ensure that children and staff are kept in their own ’bubbles’ and apart from other ‘bubbles’  in line with government guidance
  • Provide a curriculum that meets the needs of your child’s well-being, mental health and academic needs;
  • Contact parents/carers if your child displays symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Inform you if staff or children in your child’s ‘bubble’ show symptoms of COVID-19 as this will mean you will all need to self-isolate for at least 14 days if a test comes back positive;
  • Continue our clear and consistent approach as set out in the Behaviour Policy and its Covid-19 Addendum
  • Communicate regularly between home and school through notices, newsletters, Tapestry, email and the school website.

We ask that to help your child at school, you do the following:

  • If your child, or anyone in your household, shows symptoms of COVID-19 (high temperature, new continuous cough or loss or change of taste or smell), you will not send them to school.  You will self-isolate for 14 days as a family. You will get them tested and you will let the school know the results as soon as possible via telephone.
  • If your child shows symptoms of COVID-19 at school, you will collect them from school immediately.
  • On your commute and when dropping your child off and picking them up, you will adhere to the current social distancing guidance.
  • When dropping off and picking up, you will strictly adhere to the school timings for my child.
  • Only one adult will attend Nursery with your child and you will only bring siblings if necessary.
  • You will leave the premises promptly at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Your child can only bring into Nursery a bag of spare clothes and they must not bring any toys or other items from home.
  • You will talk to your child about social distancing but accept this is difficult to follow and that your child may not always do this successfully.
  • You will help teach your child good hand and toilet hygiene and also how to cough into their elbow or a tissue.
  • You will not be allowed into the school building without a pre- arranged appointment. You will need to make appointments via telephone. You will contact school by telephone if you have any concerns about your child and/or your family.
  • Read all letters/messages/emails that are sent home.
  • You need to inform the school immediately of any changes to parents/carer and emergency contacts details.
  • Your child will wear clean clothes each day if at all possible.
  • You wear a face covering if you need to come into the school building
  • You need to support the staff in their efforts to create ‘as safe as possible’ environment during this crisis.
  • You will access home learning on Tapestry for your child when appropriate, for example if your family are self-isolating but well.