Children eligible for a free nursery place at the age of  3 years start in nursery the term after their 3rd birthday or move into a 3 year old nursery keyworker group if they have started with us at the age of 2 years old.

Children aged 3 and 4 years are put into keyworker groups of up to 13 children with a named keyworker. They have a mix of adult led and child initiated activities and have daily access to our outside areas and a fortnightly half day session in our on-site Forest School. For most of their session the children can move freely between all of our rooms and an outside  area and choose where to play and learn. Staff work alongside the children, making observations and extending their learning by their interactions and adjustments of the activities.

All children’s language is assessed at age 3 years using the Wellcomm Screening Tool and the children have daily activities in an appropriate learning group to develop their language skills.

Children also have a daily time of stories, rhymes and songs to develop their early reading skills.