Important dates for your diary and calendar

School Year 2023-24

In addition to the holidays outlined below there are 5 Teacher Training Days spread throughout the year.

Teacher Training Days 2023-24  (closed to children)
Day 1 & Day 2 Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th September 2023
Day 3
Wednesday 29th November 2023
Day 4 Monday 8th January 2024
Day 5 Monday 22nd July 2024
School year 2022-23 School Days Holidays
Autumn 1

Monday 4th September to

Friday 27th October 2023

Monday 30th October to

Friday 3rd November 2023

Autumn 2

Monday 6th November to

Friday 22nd December 2023

Monday 25th December to

Friday 5th January 2024

Spring 1

Monday 8th January to

Friday 9th February 2024

Monday 12th February to

Friday 16th February 2024

Spring 2

Monday 19th February to

Friday 22nd March 2024

Monday 25th March to

Friday 5th April 2024

Summer 1

Monday 8th April to

Friday 24th May 2024

Monday 27th May to

Friday 31st May 2024

Summer 2

Monday 3rd June to

Monday 22nd July 2024

Tuesday 23rd July to

Friday 30th August 2024