Admissions Policy

The school follows the Local Authority’s current Admission Guidance. 

Children usually have to live in Birmingham and places are offered on a priority basis so that children in the most educational need have first call upon nursery education, wherever possible. There is a government directed entitlement to nursery provision which states that children are entitled to 15 hours per week beginning the term after their third birthday.

Further details can be obtained from the Early Education Entitlement leaflet for parents:

If you wish to apply for a place at our Nursery School you will need to come and register your child with us. Please bring along your child’s birth certificate and proof of address for the address where your child lives. This must be a recent utility bill. Please telephone 0121 675 3408 between 8.00am and 4.00pm to book a time to register.

Your Child at Nursery School

Your child will be allocated a place in a key worker group. The Nursery School has six key worker groups and is led by a QTS teacher working with qualified teaching assistants, nursery officers and playworkers.

The children are based in one of our learning areas. Following registration, children are able to access the learning areas inside and outside.

What happens when my child starts Nursery School?

Children start nursery in small groups at the start of term.  Parents are expected to be available in school for the first few days to help the children to settle down happily.  Even if a child has previously been in another setting they still have new people and a new environment to become familiar with.  The time they spend at nursery is gradually extended until they  attend for a full day.  Please take note of your child’s starting arrangements and adhere to these to ensure a good experience for all children.  Exceptions to this process will only be  made in case of emergencies and will only be authorised by the Head Teacher.

The staff are very aware of the anxieties that parents and children can experience during the early days at school, so please feel free to discuss any concerns you have, or any problems which arise so that we can deal with them as soon as possible.  We believe that a calm and happy introduction to nursery is vital to ensure your child is settled and has positive feelings about starting. The early days in nursery form a big impression in your child’s mind, and we need to ensure that they are right impressions, so the settling in period happens at a pace to meet your child’s individual needs.