Who will work with my child?

Introducing the Nursery Team:
Elaine Dupree Head Teacher
Sue Stevens Deputy Head Teacher
Jacqueline Fortey            Nursery Teacher
Jen Anderson Teaching Assistant (part time) and Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Rebecca Villers        Teaching Assistant (part time)
Rosemary Thompson  Teaching Assistant
Nancy Solomon Teaching Assistant (Part Time)
Hardip Bhardwaj Teaching Assistant (part time)
Shervorne Richardson Teaching Assistant (part time)
Paul Hicks Nursery Officer
Michelle Allden Part Time Play Worker
Nateejah Silvera Nursery Officer
Rachel Allen                               Office Manager
Wendy Griffiths      Nursery School Office Administrator
Sayima Shaheen    Lunchtime Supervisor
Zakia Parveen                           Lunchtime Supervisor
Steve Ward                                    Building Site Manager