Information for Parents

What does my child need to wear?

Our school does not have a school uniform, however children need to be dressed in clothes that they can manage themselves and that they can run, climb and play in. We do sell school sweatshirts for your child to wear if you wish, but these are optional. For prices, colours etc please ask staff at the main office.

Here are a few points to consider when dressing your child for school:

  1.  Your child will be using paint, glue, clay, sand etc. on a daily basis, so please do not dress him/her in their best clothes!
  2. Please dress your child in comfortable clothes which he/she can manage for themselves, to encourage confidence and independence in developing self help skills, and lessen the chance of toileting accidents.Shoes with velcro fastenings are much easier for your child to do by themselves.
  3. Avoid tight jeans, dungarees, and belts with a buckle which children find difficult to manage.  Jogging bottoms and tops are ideal for both boys and girls. Avoid laces on shoes too!
  4. A warm coat will be needed for outside play in all but the sunniest weather.PLEASE PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME IN THEIR COAT!
  5. WE PLAY OUTDOORS IN ALL KINDS OF WEATHER, so children need adequate protection.  In cold weather make sure your child has a warm hat and a pair of mittens.  We do not permit scarves for outdoor play, there is a risk that they will become entangled in equipment.
  6. Please make sure all clothing including coats, hats, wellies etc are marked with your child’s name.
  7. If your child wears wellies to walk to school in wet weather, please make sure he/she has a pair of indoor shoes to change into.
  8. In hot weather guard your child against the harmful effects of the sun by making sure his/her shoulders are covered, and face protection by a sun hat.  Sun cream can be kept in school, please ensure that it is named.
  9. We do not allow children to use climbing equipment if they are wearing open toed sandals, “jelly” shoes, flip flops or fashion footwear with heels, as these are extremely hazardous and do not provide support on landing.

From time to time staff may need to change your child’s clothing and lend him/her some nursery clothing.  This is in short supply so please wash and return it as soon as possible.  Each child has a special bag that hangs on his/her peg which you can put a spare set of clothing, pants, socks etc.

How much do I have to pay?

Nursery education is free of charge.  We ask for a voluntary contribution towards school fund of £1.00 a week.  This money is spent on the children to provide:

  • Drinks and snacks
  • Cooking ingredients and our successful organic gardening project.
  • Extra experiences e.g. the Life Education Bus, Artists in residence etc
  • Books and resources
  • Subsidising transport for trips
  • Gardening project

Please send the correct amount of money in a white envelope labelled with your child’s name and group.  We also hold fund raising events throughout the year and hope that you will support us.

Dinner Money

School Dinners are provided through Robinson’s catering and delivered daily by van.  Dinner money is payable each week or each half term in advance. The cost of a school meal is £2.00 per day. Dinner money is to be paid on your child’s first day of attendance for the current week.  This is to be paid in a white dinner envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, group, the date and the amount.  Please send the correct money in the envelope as change is not given.  You can also pay by cheque made payable to Birmingham City Council School Meals.

Unfortunately refunds cannot be given if a child is off school as food is ordered and purchased the previous week. It is important that you notify us as soon as possible if your child is absent through illness. The office staff will ask you when your child is due to return to Nursery School.

You MUST let us know in writing if you are planning on taking any holiday during term time.

Some parents may be entitled to claim free meals.  Application forms and advice are available in the school office, office staff will be happy to answer any questions you have about school meals or school fund payments.

The correct money for school fund and dinners should be placed in separate envelopes clearly marked with your child’s name, class and amount enclosed.  They need to be handed into the office on your child’s first day of attendance each week. Please do not give money to classroom staff as they need to focus their attention on the children and can not take responsibility for passing money on.

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