The Stick Man 10.01.18

The Stick Man 10.01.18


Before we broke up for our Christmas holidays we were learning lots about the story ‘The Stick

Man’ and what better way to continue this learning when we returned to nursery than to go and see the show at Birmingham Town Hall.

When we arrived at Nursery today we all had some toast to fill up our tummies ready for our journey on the train into Birmingham. We left Nursery at 9.30am and began our walk down to Gravelly Hill train station. We all did super walking and there were lots of opportunities to learn about road safety when we were crossing the roads to help keep us safe. We had a little wait when we arrived at the train station before our train arrived at the platform.

On our journey we enjoyed talking about what we could see out of the window and some of us enjoyed sitting in seats where we were going backwards!

We arrived at New Street Station which was a very busy place and walked straight up to the Town Hall remembering again to stay safe as we crossed over the roads, we used the green man to help us at the crossing.

As soon as we arrived at the town hall the show started and we all enjoyed ourselves very much, some our families came along to, to watch the show with us. We had some snacks whilst we were watching the show as we were all a little hungry from doing such great walking on our journey.

The show lasted approximately 1hr and all of the children sat so beautifully throughout. After the show had finished we then set out on our journey back to nursery and walked back to New Street Station to catch the train back to Gravelly so we could walk back to Nursery.

We are so proud of the way they all behaved they really are a credit to all of their families! Even some of our youngest children tried really hard with their walking to and from the station. This is a great way to enhance their physical skills and strengthen up the muscles in their legs! Well done everyone and a big thank you to all our parent helpers that helped make this trip possible as without you these trips wouldn’t be able to happen!



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